About us

We are truly passionate about wine

We have always loved wine, but a lot of people love wine. For us it is not only the gentle composition, beautiful colour and sublime taste, but also the charm of the vineyards, the roughness of the Castilla y Leon countryside, the spirit and dedication of the people there that got our hearts.

Our story has started during one April afternoon. We were dining in our favourite restaurant and asked for one of our favourite wines. The sommelier made a sales pitch and suggested to try something else this time - a wine that the restaurant has recently added to their wine list. That bottle was the wine which as its name suggests is “a connection to God”...Solideo from Dehesa de los Canonigos (D.O. Ribera del Duero).

The taste of Solideo was like „the love at first sight”. We shared Solideo with our families and friends and everybody absolutely loved its unique taste and balance. We got addicted to it. We decided to make a trip to Spain to see where our baby is being created. To truly understand, where it comes from. In April 2018 we were cordially welcomed by the wine makers from Dehesa de los Canonigos and spent a weekend in the area. In the area where in summer temperatures can easily reach 35C during the day and immediately drop to 6C during the night.

We met with Raul, a charismatic director of sales, who hasn’t only represented Dehesa de los Canonigos but also 3 other amazing wineries - Luzdivina Amigo (D.O. Bierzo), Vinos la Zorra (D.O.P. Sierra de Salamanca) and Bodega Alfredo Santamaria (D.O. Cigales). Sharing the common love for Spanish wines we became friends.

In summer 2018 Raul granted us exclusivity for the Czech and Slovak market for above mentioned 4 wineries - that’s how at Christmas 2018 La Joya Oculta Wines was founded. Out of love to sublime wines, out of admiration to people creating little gems in small wineries of Castilla y Leon.

Vojtech & Jan Brychta